Wednesday, February 18, 2009


I knew when I started this piece I wanted to blend a old beat down modern day environment with something a little more high tech.
I started with the warehouse and gave myself a nice little stage for my focal point. I wasn't sure if the focal point was going to be a a vehicle or a robot, but I new I wanted a machine. After I played around a bit I decided a Robot. I really liked the final piece. It has a lot going on, but the focal point works. Enjoy.

Morning Commute

This is the final that I derived from the color sketches below this post. As you can see, it changed quite a bit from the roughs. I always knew I needed to put something in the street but was never really sure what I was going to put.
After I put the elephant in there, it really gave me a better idea of what kind of world it was and it added a lot of interest. I am pretty pleased with the way this piece came out. I may need to visit this world again.

a walk

This piece was done in a day or two. It feels creepy and lonely and a good sense or foreboding.

quick 30 min sketches

These are some quick 30 min sketches I did for a piece. These where more to help me set up mood and general feel of the piece Before I really start. These are a lot of fun and always have a lot of energy in them.

Flee you fool!

This was a fun little story piece I wanted to do. The maniacal smile from the driver of the carriage really helps sell the story.

Evil and creepy

Yes, this is a quick sketch of Skeletor I did a while back. Wanted him to look a little emaciated as if the evil powers in him are eating his body to the core.


This design was me just me playing around and I feel I got a nice little painting out of my play time. The armor is a little fantasy and bit sci-fi. nice and moody piece.


Welcome to my new blog. This is a pretty new piece. I wanted to really show the grandeur of a ship that is about to leave port. I really liked how the foreground came out in the end. The whole piece was lot of fun to work on. Enjoy