Saturday, May 17, 2014

Godzilla concept

I had the amazing opportunity to work on the pre-pro for Godzilla. It was a dream come true for me! Here is some of the early development work that I did in the big pitch meeting That got Warner bros to green light the film. There was an amazing amount of talent represented in the pitch and I am very grateful to contribute!

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Walk across work up

So I have gotten asked several times, how I made the walk across image. I made this image maybe a year and half ago. I digged out several versions so you guys can see my process for this image. I do remember doing some post it notes sketches for this, although they where surely thrown out long ago. I often times do little thumbnail sketches, really just for me to get a sense of the compostion.

From that, I jumped directly into Maya and started modeling some simple box geo for houses. These where modeled super fast. 20 min maybe, to knock out several house shapes in different proportions and different shapes.

From there I got my composition and camera and worked a lot directly in camera view multiplying and distorting the geo I just made. I worked from foreground into background with the geo making sure the groupings had the look I was going for and made nice silhouettes. I spent maybe a hour or so doing that.

I lit, and started to separate my geo into layers from foreground into background, that I would then render separately. I think I had maybe six level of builings going into the background.

I comped them together. and started adding atmos. I noticed that the forground could do with some more detail and I decided it may be fast for me to go back into 3d for a few more passes of forground detail. I must not spent more then a few hours doing that.

rendered and comped the pieces.

At this point my image is pretty far along and it just needs to have some lighting tweaked and add some atmos here and there to help the silhouette shapes read. Before this the geo is way to hard to read. rendering in layers makes this a lot easier. I also begin to comp in some photo scrap here and there.

Next step is me painting and adding character and just having fun putting in little moments here and there. Generally selling the piece. I always intended this to be a little more illustrative even though it is a heavy 3d image.

I know I didn't spend much more then two days on this image. The Chaotic nature had a lot to do with that though.